Webb Bows Out

Jim Webb, the odd-man out in last week’s Democratic debate, is bowing out of the Democratic primary:

Former Virginia senator Jim Webb announced Tuesday afternoon that he would no longer pursue the Democratic presidential nomination, telling reporters that instead he will gauge support in the coming weeks for a possible White House bid as an independent candidate.

To give you an idea of just how far left the Democrat Party has moved since the ’70s, in the recent SNL parody of the debate, it was supposed to be ‘funny’ that Webb got an A-rating from the NRA (5:10 marker) and that he once said affirmative action is ‘racist against whites’ (8:19 marker):

Given the above, read between the lines of this part of Webb’s statement today:

Webb said Tuesday that he had felt marginalized by the Democratic establishment, but that he was “not trying to stand here and attack the Democratic Party.”

“There were strong differences of feeling between the hierarchy and myself,” he said. “The Democratic Party is heavily invested in the notion of interest-group politics — and interest-group politics can also exclude people who also need a voice in the hallways of power.”

Webb’s exit is further validation of the inexorable racialization of American party politics, with the GOP increasingly becoming the party of white people and the Democrat Party the party of non-white people.

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