Weirdness in Hollyweird

One would’ve thought that a thoroughly jaded and ‘no standards’ Hollywood – which has basted in sexual libertinism for the better part of a century – would yawn at the accusations levied against Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., and a rapidly growing list of others.

But now we are seeing each of these individuals actively spurned by the West Coast Sewer. What gives? If the accused individuals were prosecuted in courts of law, I could understand, that would be different.

Is a modicum of moral etiquette still operating in Hollwood? Or is it solely a practical business decision? Might it be an effort to stave off further inquiries and turning-over-of-the-rocks that is nestled in La-La-Land (e.g., pedophilia and probably worse)? Or might it simply be part of the inexorable logic of P.C. cannibalism (the ceaseless virtue spiraling) which, in various forms, is consuming the liberal establishment? And how does all of this square with, for example, the undying adoration they hold for Roman Polanski?

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