Well, Blow Me Down

The best place to find a gay black male is… in the media.

Don Lemon comes to mind. And there’s an effeminate black waif with a British accent who co-hosts late night news on CNN, etc.

Then we have the aptly named (and ‘bisexual’) Charles Blow, who the NYT pays handsomely to dispense BLM-styled vitriol.

The closer we get to November, NYT articles and op-eds take on more directly transparent hostility. Blow’s latest is “Trump Reflects White Male Fragility”:

He appeals to a regressive, patriarchal American whiteness in which white men prospered, in part because racial and ethnic minorities, to say nothing of women as a whole, were undervalued and underpaid, if not excluded altogether.

White men reigned supreme in the idealized history, and all was good with the world. (It is curious that Trump never specifies a period when America was great in his view. Did it overlap with the women’s rights, civil rights or gay rights movements? For whom was it great?)

Trump’s wall is not practical, but it is metaphor. Trump’s Muslim ban is not feasible, but it is metaphor. Trump’s huge deportation plan isn’t workable, but it is metaphor.

There is a portion of the population that feels threatened by unrelenting change–immigration, globalization, terrorism, multiculturalism–and those people want someone to, metaphorically at least, build a wall around their cultural heritage, which they conflate in equal measure with American heritage.

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