Xenophobia Has No Effect On Migrants’ Happiness, Says Study

The British Sociological Association make the startling discovery that a non-existent phenomenon (xenophobia) does not cause significantly lower happiness among immigrants in Western countries. It turns out that immigrants are more concerned with other things:

Employment and health problems rather than the xenophobia in their new country, are the biggest reasons that migrants feel less happy than average, a new study says.

The British Sociological Association’s annual conference in London heard today‚Ķ that economic factors such as unemployment and low income, and their own health problems were the most powerful causes of a lowered wellbeing.

Professor Andreas Hadjar and Susanne Backes analysed data from the European Social Survey on 32,000 first or second generation migrants and 164,700 non-migrants in 30 European countries, including the UK. They compared the migrants’ self-reported wellbeing with that of non-migrants for each country.

The researchers, from the University of Luxembourg, found that migrants who moved to countries where people expressed negative views about immigrants scored around 2% lower on their assessment of their wellbeing than the rest of the population in that country, which was not statistically significant.

However, those who were unemployed were almost 7% less happy, those who earned low wages were around 11% less happy, and those with health problems around 9%….

“Xenophobia showed no significant impact on the difference between migrant groups and non-migrants on subjective wellbeing,” the researchers say.

Of the pesky reluctance of the ‘xenophobia’ bogeyman to lower immigrants’ sense of wellbeing, the researchers include this howler of a hypothesis:

They suggest the reason for this is that xenophobia harms both the migrants and the rest of the society too, so that the gap between migrants’ and others’ wellbeing does not increase.

Once again, racism/xenophobia/and-the-like are fictitious entities, dreamt up (and obsessed over) by self-hating whites… and pretty much no one else.

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