Yes We Can!

Drudge linked to this story about a wave of Americans retiring to Cuenca, Ecuador due to the way a dollar stretches down there, along with the generous public infrastructure and (apparently) heavily subsidized healthcare.

I love the irony of this passage:

But city officials say Cuenca is something of an accidental hotspot.

“Cuenca never wanted to attract retirees,” said Ana Paulina Crespo, the director of international relations for the municipality. “In fact, we’re facing lots of problems over how to deal with a phenomenon that we aren’t responsible for creating.”

The city is trying to combat local fears that the retirees are both driving up land prices and bleeding the public healthcare system, she said. And the language barrier has become a source of local irritation. Some restaurants and even neighborhoods seem like English-only spaces.

Cuencanos are feeling like strangers in their own city,” she said.

Huh… sounds vaguely familiar…

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