Zetas’ Incursion Into U.S. Turf

From Wired:

[The] Zetas drug cartel in Mexico is making a big push to recruit Americans, the FBI warns. Only the bureau isn’t exactly sure the Zetas’ apple-pie recruitment drive is a real threat.

That’s the conclusion of a 2011 intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s San Antonio Field Office, recently obtained by Public Intelligence. From 2010 to 2011, according to the FBI’s contacts, the Zetas “attempted to recruit U.S.-based members in Houston, Texas, to join Los Zetas’ war against the Gulf Cartel on both sides of the border.”..

[T]he Zetas have moved beyond its earlier practice of recruiting from Mexican ex-cops and ex-soldiers, something that has given the cartel a coherent, structured organization. Now the Zetas are seeking out U.S. citizens, American gang members, and “non-military trained, non-traditional associates to maintain drug trafficking and support operations.”

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