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P.C. at Hanging Rock

We live at a time when even The Globe Theater, where Shakespeare’s plays were originally unveiled, has gone Full Woke. Following Peter Weir’s celebrated 1975 cinematic adaptation of Joan Lindsay’s 1967 novel Picnic at Hanging Rock, Amazon has created a new … Continue reading

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The Unbearable Whiteness & Metaphorical Silence of “A Quiet Place”

With Wakanda Mania subsiding, and Get Out a distant memory, the #TooManyWhitePeople hive-mind is pivoting towards direct anti-white hatred. In The New Yorker, Richard Brody writes on ‘The Silently Regressive Politics of “A Quiet Place”’: The noise of “A Quiet … Continue reading

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You Were Never Really Here (2017)

You Were Never Really Here is a trippy, brutal, very impactful, and overall excellent film (current RT score of 88%) by Scottish-born Lynne Ramsay, who both wrote the screenplay and most ably directs the film. Joaquin Phoenix, who always excels … Continue reading

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Chappaquiddick (2018): Advance Reviews

Richard Roeper writes: Chappaquiddick reminds us that without the Kennedy name and influence, the man who drove a car off a bridge, swam to shore and left a young woman to die, and then went into hiding and defense mode, … Continue reading

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The Kubrick-Trump Connection Explained

From a NYT op-ed commemorating the 50th anniversary of Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001:A Space Odyssey: Indeed, with its prehistoric “Dawn of Man” opening and a grand finale in which Dave is reborn as an eerily weightless Star Child, “2001” overtly references … Continue reading

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Africa Speaks! (1930)

Africa Speaks! Mascot Pictures, 1930 (Morgan Litho. Corp., Cleveland). Three sheet (81 x 41”). Film documenting Paul L. Hoefler’s 1928 African expedition. Directed by Walter Futter and narrated by Lowell Thomas. You can bid here for this vintage poster. There’s … Continue reading

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Another Wrinkle

Of A Wrinkle In Time, even liberal Richard Brody has some reservations: Whereas L’Engle’s book is replete with explicit Christian citations, the movie offers no overt religious references, not even any overt spirituality (other than a passing reference to faith … Continue reading

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“Alt-Right: Age of Rage” Trailer

Alt-Right: Age of Rage will have its premiere on March 9 at SXSW. If this is its official trailer, then the documentary seems a bit unfocused. It’s hard to tell if the whole thing will be Daryle ‘the Barrel’ Lamont … Continue reading

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Pacino’s Way

Greg Cwik has a nice piece on “Pacino’s Way”: Though Marlon Brando was the ostensible star of the first Godfather—it’s his sullen and sapiential face that adorns the poster, and he who took home an Oscar—the trilogy really belongs to … Continue reading

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Death Wish: Then and Now

With respect to the Death Wish remake currently out, I’m struck by the significant ‘White Panther’-esque “moviegoer vs movie critic” split in terms of the film’s favorability/unfavorability. In his review of the film at Variety, Owen Gleiberman (sigh) establishes his … Continue reading

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