Malibu’s Most Unwanted

From an LA Times story on the rise of homeless people gravitating to beautiful, sunny Malibu:

Being homeless in Malibu is different.

Chris Smith watches ducks land on the lagoon at sunset from his beach encampment, known to locals as Margaritaville.

Nancy Rosenquist told the City Council of huddling behind a dumpster and listening to Lady Gaga record a song in an adjacent building.

Residents have long been generous to those who live in the city’s 21 miles of canyons, beaches and glittering shopping centers.

For 17 years, religious groups fed homeless people, and the city and private donors put up hundreds of thousands of dollars for social workers to find them housing and services.

But Malibu United Methodist Church — facing pressure from the city — in recent weeks took a U-turn, deciding twice-weekly dinners for homeless people would stop after Thanksgiving. The cutoff came after city officials summoned organizers and suggested they were attracting more homeless people and making the problem worse.

This paragraph is perhaps the best:

The issue boiled over on conservative and Christian online forums, where Malibu residents were castigated as liberal hypocrites. Lurid death threats poured in to City Hall.

Liberal hypocrites, of course. But death threats?  That tells me it’s another instantiation of liberal cannibalization.

Malibu, population 13,000, has roughly 180 homeless residents but no shelter or housing for poor people.

That’s right: the fascists in Malibu don’t have a single unit of subsidized housing.

What, pray tell, has caused this influx of undesirables?

After the Metro’s Expo Line opened to Santa Monica last year, neighbors began complaining of mentally ill and rough-looking characters camping at the beach and hanging out near schools.

“A homeless person was taking a shower in the girls locker room in middle school — that wasn’t real good,” said Gary Peterson, a retired developer and hotelier who quit the church’s board of trustees over the meal issue…

Some homeless people believed residents were reacting against an influx of African Americans from Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles. Malibu is 90% white.

In that last instance, there should be (((echo))) quotes around the word ‘white’.

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The Forward on ‘Operation White’

Over at the Daily Jewish Forward, Sam Kestenbaum waxes neurotic on “How Tucker Carlson Boosted The Latest ‘Alt-Right’ Meme Campaign”:

Earlier this month, Fox News host Tucker Carlson railed against what he said were liberals sowing “racial divisions” throughout America. Carlson riffed off a Washington Post article about a principal at a Maryland high school investigating an incident in which someone posted flyers proclaiming, “It’s Okay To Be White.” Carlson was exasperated. What was so controversial about this?

“Being white, by the way, is not something you can control,” Carlson said. “You shouldn’t attack people for it, and yet the left does constantly — in case you haven’t noticed.”

Somewhere, “alt-right” trolls and meme posters cheered: One of their meme campaigns, conceived in the dark corners of an online chatroom late last month, was making headlines — and being defended on a prominent news network. Carlson’s defense of the “It’s Okay To Be White,” flyer was yet another example of how the “alt-right” creatively disguises and popularizes white nationalist ideology.

While the meme is only about a month old, it follows a certain pattern of slogans and images promulgated by the white nationalist “alt-right.” For example, the white nationalist group Identity Evropa has been ramping up campus outreach efforts by circulating flyers that say, simply, “Only We Can Be Us” or “Become Who You Are.” Other posters in this vein include messages like, “I want you to love who you are” and “Don’t apologize for being white.”…

Of the meme’s origins:

Late last month, posts began circulating on the site 4chan, calling for members to place posters with the slogan “It’s Okay To Be White” in public places as “proof of concept” that a “harmless message” would cause a “massive media sh*tstorm.” Some took to calling it “Operation White.”

The troll operation was launched Halloween night, according to screenshots of a 4chan post, and detailed seven simple steps. The plan? Make “normies realize that leftists & journalists hate white people, so they turn on them.” A hashtag circulated, #IOTBW.

4channers printed out the memes of the slogan and distributed them in public spaces, closely following media reactions. When network news began reporting on the emergence of the flyers, describing them often as white supremacist slogans, the trolls cheered. They had provoked — or “triggered,” in “alt-right” slang — their perceived enemies in the culture war.

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Jew vs. Gentile – Pt. 271,413

From a profile of Elizabeth Hardwick by Tobi Haslett in Harper’s:

Better to be striking and severe. Hardwick installed herself boldly among the New York Intellectuals, a largely Jewish group of writers preoccupied by modernism and riveted by politics. The Family, as the group was sometimes called, was a pit of erudite vipers, many of the members lapsed Marxists who snapped into a compulsory anticommunism at the start of the Cold War. The journal Partisan Review provided the perfect stage for their postures and disputes: in its pages Philip Rahv, Irving Howe, Edmund Wilson, Hannah Arendt, and Lionel Trilling sharpened their reputations as critics and polemicists, gong-banging arbiters of literature and the left.

Among them Hardwick was considered a pretty, gentile sophisticate with a taste for le mot juste.

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The Hysteria Continues

An actual New Yorker story by Ryan Lizza, complete with narrative-framing photo of a giant production newsroom:

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Can A.I. Be Taught to Explain Itself?

Occasionally, the NYT is good for something. Cliff Huang’s “Can A.I. Be Taught to Explain Itself?” is a very well-written and enlightening in-depth piece on the rapidly advancing, applied science field of algorithmic machine-learning. The introduction to the piece hints at the clash between science and Political Correctness, and how the latter continues to stymie progress in the former:

In September, Michal Kosinski published a study that he feared might end his career. The Economist broke the news first, giving it a self-consciously anodyne title: “Advances in A.I. Are Used to Spot Signs of Sexuality.” But the headlines quickly grew more alarmed. By the next day, the Human Rights Campaign and Glaad, formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, had labeled Kosinski’s work “dangerous” and “junk science.” (They claimed it had not been peer reviewed, though it had.) In the next week, the tech-news site The Verge had run an article that, while carefully reported, was nonetheless topped with a scorching headline: “The Invention of A.I. ‘Gaydar’ Could Be the Start of Something Much Worse.”…

After getting his Ph.D., Kosinski landed a teaching position at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and soon started looking for new data sets to investigate. One in particular stood out: faces. For decades, psychologists have been leery about associating personality traits with physical characteristics, because of the lasting taint of phrenology and eugenics; studying faces this way was, in essence, a taboo. But to understand what that taboo might reveal when questioned, Kosinski knew he couldn’t rely on a human judgment.

Kosinski first mined 200,000 publicly posted dating profiles, complete with pictures and information ranging from personality to political views. Then he poured that data into an open-source facial-recognition algorithm — a so-called deep neural network, built by researchers at Oxford University — and asked it to find correlations between people’s faces and the information in their profiles. The algorithm failed to turn up much, until, on a lark, Kosinski turned its attention to sexual orientation. The results almost defied belief. In previous research, the best any human had done at guessing sexual orientation from a profile picture was about 60 percent — slightly better than a coin flip. Given five pictures of a man, the deep neural net could predict his sexuality with as much as 91 percent accuracy. For women, that figure was lower but still remarkable: 83 percent.

Much like his earlier work, Kosinski’s findings raised questions about privacy and the potential for discrimination in the digital age, suggesting scenarios in which better programs and data sets might be able to deduce anything from political leanings to criminality. But there was another question at the heart of Kosinski’s paper, a genuine mystery that went almost ignored amid all the media response: How was the computer doing what it did? What was it seeing that humans could not?…

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The End Point

25 yrs ago, Bubba (and the circling wagons of the MSM) gave liberal “pro-feminist” men a special license to do what they please. Now, in 2017, the chickens have come home to roost. Conservatives, when accused, should flat out deny or say “This is overkill”. But with libs, let them eat their own. IOW, the madness will only stop when libs themselves say “Okay, enough with this P.C.”

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Liam & Ed

Liam Gallagher jokingly told Ed Sheeran to “calm down on the two-handed wanking” when the pair met for the first time after Sheeran broke his arm in a bike crash.

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NYT: Germany and the Age of Political Absolutism

In the NYT, Anna Sauerbrey writes on “Germany and the Age of Political Absolutism”.

“The collapse of coalition talks shows how much the far right has changed its politics,” reads the byline as seen from the NYT homepage.

Also from the piece:

Germany’s fear of political instability goes deep. For many, the AfD’s entrance into the Bundestag brings to mind the dark shadow of the Weimar Republic, its disastrous collapse and all that followed. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has featured a series of German historians mining the parallels between the 1920s and ’30s and today: Back then, a divided political spectrum and a splintered left, with extremism on both sides, created a run of minority governments and a perception of political chaos, all of which made Nazi authoritarianism look like an attractive alternative.

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NYT: Charles Manson was a Harbinger of Today’s Far Right

In case you were wondering:

Meanwhile, from an NR piece on “Charles Manson’s Radical Chic”:

“First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach. Wild!” That was the assessment of Bernardine Dohrn, the champagne radical who, with her husband, Bill Ayers, participated in a campaign of domestic terrorism, including bombings, and later became cozy with Barack Obama, hosting events for the aspiring politician in her home… ;” [Dohrn would also say: “Offing those rich pigs with their own forks and knives, and then eating a meal in the same room, far out! The Weathermen dig Charles Manson.” – Ed.] Dohrn would later join a very prestigious Chicago law firm, Sidley Austin, and later worked as a professor of law at Northwestern University — remarkable accomplishments for a woman without a law license…

Dohrn wasn’t the only Manson admirer of her time. Other Weathermen hoisted a “Manson Power” banner in 1969 when they issued their declaration of war on the United States, and Rolling Stone’s coverage of the man and his crimes — it dedicated a special issue to him — was at times fawning. The magazine depicted him on its cover as the thing he’d always wanted to be: a rock star. A radical newspaper named him “Man of the Year.” Jerry Rubin, the celebrated anti-war activist, said: “I fell in love with Charlie Manson the first time I saw his cherub face and sparkling eyes on TV.” That cherub face later had a swastika carved into it. “His words and courage inspired us,” Rubin said…

John Lennon, who ought to have known a cynical operator when he saw one, described Manson as a man who “took children in when nobody else would.” Not that he was a fan of publicity-stunt mass murders: “I just think a lot of the things he says are true.”

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NR: “What Happened to the ‘Libertarian Moment’?”

From an NR piece titled “What Happened to the ‘Libertarian Moment’?”:

Even free trade and a welcoming attitude toward immigration, longtime liberty-conservative staples, are under assault in today’s GOP. The Cato Institute’s Emily Ekins recently published a paper, “The Five Types of Trump Voters,” describing the groups that coalesced behind the president in the general election. Only 25 percent were what she labeled “free marketeers” — people opposed to higher taxes and bigger government but supportive of free trade and immigration. A larger number were “staunch conservatives,” and this group opposed illegal immigration overwhelmingly, loved the president’s proposed Muslim ban, and had grown much less supportive of free trade since 2012. A third group, “American preservationists,” nearly a fifth of Trump voters, were even more intensely opposed to immigration and free trade. Steve Bannon is attempting to unite these latter groups against the free marketeers in party primaries…

After the Goldwater debacle, longtime National Review editor Frank Meyer argued that traditionalists, anti-Communists, and liberty conservatives should unite, forming a “fusion” of their movements and ideas. That is what happened, but the past 20 years show that the liberty wing is much weaker than it imagined itself to be. It can reinvigorate itself only if it finds a way to make itself relevant to a new conservative fusion.

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