Farage on Misc

If you can past the irritatingly coked-up Richard Quest, this 8 min interview with Nigel Farage is wonderful. He’s a natural communicator, and discusses Brexit, Trump, his past as a businessman, and other relevant issues.

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Austrian Presidential Election Annulled

This is huge:

Austria’s Constitutional court has today ordered May’s presidential election be annulled and another called after “particularly serious cases” of voting fraud were detected in the photo-finish vote.

The Green party-backed candidate Alexander Van der Bellen originally snatched victory by a mere 0.6 per cent in the second round vote, which was taken to decide the new president of central-European state Austria in May. He had made it to the round alongside Freedom Party (FPO) candidate Norbert Hofer, who campaigned to protect Austria from mass migration and Islamification.

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Lack of ‘Diversity’ in Philosophy

Peter Levine (ahem) bemoans the lack of diversity in philosophy:


Philosophy is a remarkably un-diverse discipline. Compared with other scholars who read, interpret and assign texts, philosophers in the United States typically choose a much higher percentage of their sources (often, 100 per cent) from Europe and countries settled by Europeans. Philosophy teachers, too, look homogeneous: 86 per cent of new PhD researchers in philosophy are white, and 72 per cent are male. In the whole country, only about 30 African-American women work as philosophy professors.

What a scandal!

As an academic discipline, philosophy — and by ‘philosophy’, I am referring to what is known as analytic philosophy, not the postmodernist crap that today qualifies as ‘philosophy’ – is the domain of patience and rigor; conceptual clarity; logical precision; the questioning of premises; the working out of deductive and inductive chains of reasoning; the (sometimes painfully) slow but steady progress toward sound and grounded knowledge.

In other words: white guy activity.

The greatest philosophers who have influenced mankind, and whose body of knowledge is eternal, are pretty much all white guys: Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, Carnap, Quine, Russell, Popper… all white.

In The New York Times’ philosophy blog ‘The Stone’, Jay L Garfield and Bryan W Van Norden recently wrote: ‘No other humanities discipline demonstrates this systematic neglect of most of the civilizations in its domain.’ They urge philosophy departments to diversify their curricula – and, if they can’t or won’t, to rename themselves departments of ‘Anglo-European Philosophical Studies’.

And what would be wrong with this, exactly?

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The King of RINO Elitism has an epiphany:

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Nigel Farage: “20 years ago you laughed at me. You are not laughing now.”

Listen to the catcalls from the ‘esteemed’ E.U. parliament.

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RIP: Scotty Moore

Scotty Moore, the swingin’ guitarist that played on many crucial early Elvis recordings, has died at the age of 84.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –   Scotty Moore, the pioneering rock guitarist whose sharp, graceful style helped Elvis Presley shape his revolutionary sound and inspired a generation of musicians that included Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and Bruce Springsteen, died Tuesday. He was 84…

For the now-legendary Sun sessions they covered a wide range of songs, from “That’s All Right” to “Mystery Train.” After “That’s All Right” began drawing attention, Presley, Moore and Black took to the road playing any gig they could find, large or small, adding drummer D.J. Fontana and trying their best to be heard over thousands of screaming fans.

The hip-shaking Presley soon rose from regional act to superstardom, signing up with RCA Records and topping the charts with “Heartbreak Hotel,” ”All Shook Up” and many other hits. Elvis was the star, but young musicians listened closely to Moore’s contributions, whether the slow, churning solo he laid down on “Heartbreak Hotel” or the flashy lead on “Hard-Headed Woman.”

He was treated like sh*t by The Colonel, and didn’t make any money working for Elvis, which embittered Scotty, and that truly sucks.

But Scotty found immortality in his rockabilly rhythms and tasty licks.

In Elvis’ breakthrough song “That’s All Right, Mama” (1954), Scotty’s solo in the middle eight is raw and basic, but kick ass:

In “Mystery Train” (1955), Scotty’s rockabilly playing propels the song forward:

Here is a nice snippet of a guy who breaks down the signature style of Moore, which is basically swinging inversions of major 7th chords, a rockabilly staple:

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Trump Supporters Strike in Turkey

Trump supporters kill at least 36 at Istanbul’s airport.

I hope the Turkish parliament holds a sit-in for more gun control legislation.

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NYT Op-Ed: Marine Le Pen

ukipSince Friday, it’s been astonishing to watch the global elites (and their cohorts in the media) in complete shock and disbelief about the vote. They are still largely oblivious to the primary reason why…. immigration… and what this portends for the whole of Europe and the future of progressive ‘globalism’.

The next huge shock the global elite will get is when Marine Le Pen (of the evil dastardly National Front party) is voted President of France.

Ms. Le Pen has has an op-ed in the wretched NYT titled “After Brexit, the People’s Spring Is Inevitable”:

Brexit won out, defeating all forecasts. Britain decided to cast off from the European Union and reclaim its independence among the world’s nations. It had been said that the election would hinge solely on economic matters; the British, however, were more insightful in understanding the real issue than commentators like to admit.

British voters understood that behind prognostications about the pound’s exchange rate and behind the debates of financial experts, only one question, at once simple and fundamental, was being asked: Do we want an undemocratic authority ruling our lives, or would we rather regain control over our destiny? Brexit is, above all, a political issue. It’s about the free choice of a people deciding to govern itself. Even when it is touted by all the propaganda in the world, a cage remains a cage, and a cage is unbearable to a human being in love with freedom.

The European Union has become a prison of peoples. Each of the 28 countries that constitute it has slowly lost its democratic prerogatives to commissions and councils with no popular mandate. Every nation in the union has had to apply laws it did not want for itself. Member nations no longer determine their own budgets. They are called upon to open their borders against their will.

Countries in the eurozone face an even less enviable situation. In the name of ideology, different economies are forced to adopt the same currency, even if doing so bleeds them dry. It’s a modern version of the Procrustean bed, and the people no longer have a say.

And what about the European Parliament? It’s democratic in appearance only, because it’s based on a lie: the pretense that there is a homogeneous European people, and that a Polish member of the European Parliament has the legitimacy to make law for the Spanish. We have tried to deny the existence of sovereign nations. It’s only natural that they would not allow being denied…

Brexit may not have been the first cry of hope, but it may be the people’s first real victory. The British have presented the union with a dilemma it will have a hard time getting out of. Either it allows Britain to sail away quietly and thus runs the risk of setting a precedent: The political and economic success of a country that left the European Union would be clear evidence of the union’s noxiousness. Or, like a sore loser, the union makes the British pay for their departure by every means possible and thus exposes the tyrannical nature of its power. Common sense points toward the former option. I have a feeling Brussels will choose the latter.

One thing is certain: Britain’s departure from the European Union will not make the union more democratic. The hierarchical structure of its supranational institutions will want to reinforce itself: Like all dying ideologies, the union knows only how to forge blindly ahead. The roles are already cast — Germany will lead the way, and France will obligingly tag along…

So the people of Europe have but one alternative left: to remain bound hand-and-foot to a union that betrays national interests and popular sovereignty and that throws our countries wide open to massive immigration and arrogant finance, or to reclaim their freedom by voting.

NationalFrontCalls for referendums are ringing throughout the Continent. I myself have suggested to Mr. Hollande that one such public consultation be held in France. He did not fail to turn me down. More and more, the destiny of the European Union resembles the destiny of the Soviet Union, which died from its own contradictions.

The People’s Spring is now inevitable! The only question left to ask is whether Europe is ready to rid itself of its illusions, or if the return to reason will come with suffering. I made my decision a long time ago: I chose France. I chose sovereign nations. I chose freedom.

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NYT: 6/26/16

It was a very bad week for the NYT:

NYT - 6-26-2016 10-31-20 PM

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One Small Factor

From Vanity Fair:

According to one polling organization, immigration was listed as a priority to only 14 percent of those polled who wanted to remain in Europe. Among those who wanted to leave, 52 percent said it was their priority.

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