Shabbos Goy

Jewish phrase of the day:

A Shabbos goy, Shabbat goy or Shabbes goy… is a non-Jew who performs certain types of work (melakha) which Jewish religious law (halakha) enjoins the Jew from doing on the Sabbath. The phrase is a combination of the word “Shabbos”… meaning the Sabbath, and goy, which literally means “a nation” but colloquially means a “non-Jew” (in Biblical Hebrew “goy” means simply “a nation”, but in Mishnaic Hebrew it is used in the sense of “a non-national”, i.e., “a non-Jew”).

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The Re-Burning of Sasha Fleischman

“The Burning of Sasha Fleischman” occurred in 2013, but you wouldn’t think so given the NYT’s front page story:


Why revisit a story that’s two years old? Because, to quote Steve Sailer, we’re in the midst of World War T, and the media needs to dredge up old stories that reinforce the new ‘civil rights’ narrative-du-jour.

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Van Halen – Unchained (live) (1981)

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McDonald’s Coffee

For the past year and a half (or so), whenever I’d be on the road with a hankerin’ for some java (which is maybe once every few weeks), I’d stop at… McDonald’s.

Why, you ask?

McDonalds_boobBecause for the past few years, they were serving a high quality coffee marketed by Newman’s Own, not a company that tends to scrimp on quality, and had stopped serving the bland, watered-down coffee of Mickey D’s past (i.e., the type of coffee one expects from a late night convenience store run by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.)

And most importantly, at McDonald’s, it would cost me only 99 cents for a medium coffee vs. the $2.00+ cost for a Starbuck’s or even D&D equivalent.

And, so, about 2 months back, I noticed that McD’s coffee began to taste like, well… like McD’s coffee of yesteryear.

I finally got around to Googling this thesis that McDonald’s no longer offered Newman’s Own nor a coffee bean of comparable quality. First-page-search-results pulled up “McDonalds poor decision on coffee change” [sic], a 4/24/14 post on a site called

Here in Maine my local McDONALD’S HAS DROPPED NEWMAN”S OWN ORGANIC COFFEE .Now after 25 years of selling specialty coffee (I now own a window cleaning company), I have developed a knack for knowing quality.

Getting a cup of Newman’s Own Organic Coffee was THE main reason for me going to McDonald’s rather than Starbucks. Recently I went through my routine of stopping at McDonald’s for breakfast (the only meal I eat there). I typically get scrambled eggs, a breakfast burrito and a medium black coffee. My crew comes with me.

Driving down the road I told one of my employees that the coffee wasn’t right. Not burnt, but weak, less complexity and of lower quality. The next day I did the same and it dawned on me after the first sip: Is it possible that they have dropped Newman’s Own Coffee?”. This morning when stopped in again, and asked a young counterperson if it were true, my suspicions were confirmed.

She proceeded to rattle off McDonald’s rote jargon that they fed her about, “…well, it’s still an Arabica coffee of the highest quality”. Okay lady, I get it.

It’s over. And I instantly knew that I had little reason to go to McDonalds any more nor will my crew whom I drive.

Just like this dude, I’ve stopped getting my coffee at McDonald’s.

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This Blows

And so we find out that Charles Blow’s son (of whom, a couple days ago, he went on an un-retractable Twitter rampage against ghosts) was stopped by… drumroll… a black cop, not a white one.

Imagine that.

From Breitbart:

Charles Blow, a black, left-wing New York Times columnist, took to Twitter and the pages of the Times to excoriate Yale and a campus police officer over his son being detained at gunpoint. Apparently, Blow’s son met the description of a campus burglar. After learning of the incident, an incensed Blow published a series of racially-charged Tweets followed by a racially-charged Times column…

…Blow tweeted, “This is exactly why I have no patience for people trying to convince me that the fear these young black men feel isn’t real.” Blow also tweeted out slogans associated with protests involving race and the police: “I can’t breathe” and “Black lives matter.”…

What Blow’s readers and Twitter followers weren’t told, though, was the race of the police officer in question.

As it turns out, the officer is black. Yale’s police chief is also black.

Blow, now feeling the heat, scrambles for cover, tweeting today:


F-ng pathetic.

If he wasn’t black, he’d lose his job at the NYT over this.

But this episode will be forgotten, and Sir Charles will in short order be back to his usual anti-white rhetoric.

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Michael Caine Impersonations

I love me some Michael Caine impersonations. Here’s a classic exchange from The Trip (2010):

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Heritage: 2015 Index of Economic Freedom

Heritage has published their 2015 Index of Economic Freedom. The Index covers 10 freedoms, from property rights to entrepreneurship, in 186 countries. In terms of these measurements, the top 10 countries are:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Singapore
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia
  5. Switzerland
  6. Canada
  7. Chile
  8. Estonia
  9. Ireland
  10. Mauritius

The U.S. is #12.

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Liberal Hand-Wringing about P.C.

On campuses today, “microaggressions” and “trigger warnings” are logical entailments of the dialectics of Political Correctness, and serve as a more militant re-packaging of first generation P.C. circa 1991.

Jonathan Chait, himself a liberal, bemoans things, especially insofar as P.C. dictates causes the Left to eat their own. The byline of his New York Magazine piece is “How the language police are perverting liberalism”:

After political correctness burst onto the academic scene in the late ’80s and early ’90s, it went into a long remission. Now it has returned. Some of its expressions have a familiar tint, like the protesting of even mildly controversial speakers on college campuses. You may remember when 6,000 people at the University of California–Berkeley signed a petition last year to stop a commencement address by Bill Maher, who has criticized Islam (along with nearly all the other major world religions). Or when protesters at Smith College demanded the cancellation of a commencement address by Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, blaming the organization for ‘imperialist and patriarchal systems that oppress and abuse women worldwide.’ Also last year, Rutgers protesters scared away Condoleezza Rice; others at Brandeis blocked Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a women’s-rights champion who is also a staunch critic of Islam; and those at Haverford successfully protested ­former Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau, who was disqualified by an episode in which the school’s police used force against Occupy protesters…

But it would be a mistake to categorize today’s p.c. culture as only an academic phenomenon. Political correctness is a style of politics in which the more radical members of the left attempt to regulate political discourse by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate. Two decades ago, the only communities where the left could exert such hegemonic control lay within academia, which gave it an influence on intellectual life far out of proportion to its numeric size. Today’s political correctness flourishes most consequentially on social media, where it enjoys a frisson of cool and vast new cultural reach. And since social media is also now the milieu that hosts most political debate, the new p.c. has attained an influence over mainstream journalism and commentary beyond that of the old…

And while the phenomenon of P.C. hasn’t really stopped since 1991, and has been consistently and routinely documented by conservatives, it’s now only a ‘problem’ when liberals themselves become victims of its thrasher:

In a short period of time, the p.c. movement has assumed a towering presence in the psychic space of politically active people in general and the left in particular. “All over social media, there dwell armies of unpaid but widely read commentators, ready to launch hashtag campaigns and circulate petitions in response to the slightest of identity-politics missteps,” Rebecca Traister wrote recently in The New Republic…

But political correctness is not a rigorous commitment to social equality so much as a system of left-wing ideological repression. Not only is it not a form of liberalism; it is antithetical to liberalism. Indeed, its most frequent victims turn out to be liberals themselves.

I found this paragraph the most chilling:

Bettina Aptheker, a professor of feminist studies at the University of California–Santa Cruz, recently wrote an essay commemorating the Berkeley Free Speech movement, in which she participated as a student in 1964. She now expressed a newfound skepticism in the merits of free speech. “Freedom of speech is a constitutional guarantee, but who gets to exercise it without the chilling restraints of censure depends very much on one’s location in the political and social cartography,” she wrote. “We [Free Speech movement] veterans … were too young and inexperienced in 1964 to know this, but we do now, and we speak with a new awareness, a new consciousness, and a new urgency that the wisdom of a true freedom is inexorably tied to who exercises power and for what ends.”

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In the Blink of an Eye

From philosophy professor Fred Feldman’s review of “Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life: A Psychologist Investigates How Evolution, Cognition, and Complexity are Revolutionizing Our View of Human Nature”, by Douglas Kenrick, New York, Basic Books, 2011:

Chapter 4 (“Outgroup Hatred In the Blink of an Eye”) follows the same pattern. Kenrick begins (41-2) by describing an “attractive dark-haired” Jewish girl that he dated in his youth. His mother had not been to mass for over a decade “since divorcing my shiftless Mick of a father and marrying a Protestant”. (42) So Kenrick was surprised when his mother revealed her anti-semitism. In connection with Kenrick’s subsequent marriage to a Lutheran, his new mother-in-law revealed her “tribalism”. She wanted nothing less than a Scandinavian Lutheran for her daughter. In a beer-soaked discussion of ethnic tolerance with his new family, another of the wife’s relatives said, in a thick Swedish accent “Hitler had the right idea!”

Experiences like these piqued Kenrick’s interest in racial and ethnic discrimination. He proceeds to sketch some of his research that is in one way or another related to the tendency to feel hatred or disgust for members of other ethnic groups. He speculates that some of this invidious discrimination might be explicable by appeal to facts about the circumstances in which our ancestors evolved. He concludes by saying (58) that “an evolutionary perspective can help us understand why humans are so universally inclined to feel prejudice toward other groups…”

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1 in 3 on Disability Have Mental Disorder

The SSI disability train keeps-on-a-chuggin':

( – One in three, or 35.2 percent, of people getting federal disability insurance benefits have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Washington, D.C., the seat of the federal government, ranked in the top-ten list of states where disabled beneficiaries were diagnosed with mental problems.

In 2013, the latest data from SSA show there were 10,228,364 disabled beneficiaries, up 139,625 from 2012 when there were 10,088,739 disabled beneficiaries.

Disabled beneficiaries have increased 49.7 percent from a decade ago in 2003 when there were 6,830,714 beneficiaries; and the number is up 14.3 percent from the 8,945,376 beneficiaries in 2009, the year President Obama took office…

In D.C. alone:

In Washington, D.C., according to the report, 42.9 percent of disabled beneficiaries as of December 2013 had been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Massachusetts and New Hampshire led the nation in this metric with 49.9 percent of disabled beneficiaries diagnosed with a mental disorder.

NOTE: Washington D.C. is 50% black & 10% hispanic. Whites are only 35% of the population there. With respect to NH, is this abuse a marker of an increased ‘white trash’ constituency?

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