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Slow Horses (2022)

When I learned that this new 6-episode spy series on Apple TV – of which the first two episodes have aired — starred Gary Oldman, as well as Jonathan Pryce and Kristin Scott Thomas, I was in. Based on the … Continue reading

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Watchmen: S01E07

For those keeping track, here are my quick notes on S01E07: Episode opens with old newsreel footage of Dr. Manhattan’s origins. Against inspirational footage of the Statue of Liberty, etc., it is implied that he is the child of Jewish … Continue reading

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The Wire (2002-2008)

Some high-level, overview thoughts on The Wire (2002-2008) — After seeing this show often listed with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad as the triumvirate of the Third Gold Age of Television, I recently watched all 5 seasons of The Wire … Continue reading

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The Marvelous Subversion of Mrs. Maisel

The 1950s has long been the Left’s favorite punching bag. To those of the loud, urban, NYC-pseudo-intellectual milieu, the small towns of Mayberry, and wherever Ozzie and Harriet and ‘the Beave’ lived, are jokes, absurdist romanticizations of an era that … Continue reading

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Bryan Magee Interviews Bernard Williams About René Descartes

There used to be a time when things like this were on TV. My head almost exploded from just the title card alone:

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Dear White People – S02

Dear White People is an alleged sitcom that, along with Blackish, attempts to both show us how much ‘cooler’, with-it, and socially woke POCs are (relative to whites) & to make fun of white people in clever new ways. Well, Season … Continue reading

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BBC: Civilization(s)

Today’s Prufrock email blast notes: The BBC is bringing back Kenneth Clark’s Civilization. Unsurprisingly, it’s now called Civilizations, and the first episode has its share of egalitarian posturing. Otherwise, it’s not bad: “Here’s one of the fundamental differences between this … Continue reading

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Heathers (2017)

The SJW jihad to turn every new TV show into a simultaneous anti-white pogrom & ‘Coalition of the Fringes’ lovefest marches on… except this one may have backfired (?): Heathers (2017) turns the premise of Heathers (1988) on its (Diet Coke) head. The … Continue reading

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Babylon Berlin (2018)

Babylon Berlin is a $40 million TV series, a public/private collaboration (no pun) between German state TV and UK’s Sky Atlantic. The show begins airing on Netflix today. The series intends to depict Weimar Germany in the 1920s, albeit with … Continue reading

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PKD: Electric Dreams

The sheer volume of quality content in this, the Third Golden Age of Television, is overwhelming. The British show Black Mirror, a modern update to The Twilight Zone (with self-contained episodes riffing on the theme of our enslavement to technology) … Continue reading

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