Dear White People – S02

Dear White People is an alleged sitcom that, along with Blackish, attempts to both show us how much ‘cooler’, with-it, and socially woke POCs are (relative to whites) & to make fun of white people in clever new ways. Well, Season 2 of Dear White People is about to launch on Netflix, and The Daily Beast tells us the season will ‘target alt-right trolls’.

More consequentially for the show’s main characters, the students displaced by that fire have now been integrated into the school’s previously all-black dorm Armstrong Parker.

The “white refugees” do yoga in the common room and introduce Cream of Wheat into the dining hall menu, but there are far more insidious actions afoot as well.

Yoga and Cream of White as hate-symbols, just like milk is.

Starting with his 2014 film version of Dear White People and continuing through this new season, Simien has been consistently adept at capturing the heightened way racial and political issues manifest themselves on college campuses, all the while remaining utterly hilarious…

Utterly hilarious? Umm, if the trailer is any indication, it’s not utter and it’s not hilarious.

Most of the premiere finds Sam in the “sunken place,” as her best friend Joelle puts it, battling online with a particularly vicious troll named @AltIvyW who calls her a “race baiter” and suggests she was only accepted by the fictional Ivy League school due to affirmative action.

Yeah, because only a dastardly Alt Right-er could make that argument.

When the troll insists that white people can be “oppressed” too, Sam goes off on an epic thread of tweets—or the show’s campus equivalent—listing the endless ways African Americans have been systematically kept down by a white-dominated society. She almost seems to be having too much fun with the never-ending digital back-and-forth, staying up for days at a time while her friends engage in more typical college behavior like studying and partying around her.

This war between Sam and her newly empowered alt-right classmates culminates when she shows up to host her radio show—also named “Dear White People”—and sees a group of students in the booth hosting a new show they’re calling “Dear Right People.”

“Why is the left allowed to dictate who gets to be oppressed?” one young blonde student asks. “Why do we have to suffer just because we were born white and straight and normal?”

“A straight white guy march? Can you imagine the vitriol?” her straight white guy host replies.

“Listen, I’m not a white nationalist, but…” the female student says later, before declaring that “inclusion and diversity programs” at the school “are all just code for white genocide.” To which her co-host adds, “Preach, girl!”

But just when Sam is about to “drag this Kirkland Signature Ann Coulter,” she looks down at her phone and sees the latest attack from @AltIvyW. Without giving too much away, the troll has discovered something about her heritage that he is using against her in the cruelest way possible.

I’m guessing it’s the fact that she’s a mulatto, just like our former POTUS. A mulatto who was probably raised by her white grandparents, just like our former POTUS was. A mulatto, who despite being at least 50% white, identifies as an Angry Black™.

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