’60 Minutes’ on Mexican Border Children… Err, I mean WWII Jewish Children

On 60 Minutes last night, sentimental reporter Bob Simon (ahem) had a piece titled “Saving the Children“, about Nicholas Winton, a British citizen who, during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, arranged for 669 Jewish children to emigrate out of Prague and into Britain.

Hmmm… I wonder what he might be trying to draw heavy-handed parallels with, when Simon mentions how, at the time, the U.S. “wouldn’t take any of the children”? Or when he discusses the “ingenuity” with which Winton “forged documents” to exacerbate UK adoption law, and Winton’s successful game of “smoke and mirrors”?

Unlike Simon, Winton, who never mentioned his actions for over 50 years, notes: “I think there is too much emphasis on the past.”

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