James Corden (White Male, 40-ish) Set For CBS ‘Late Late Show’ Slot

British writer/actor/comedian James Corden will be replacing the (abysmally unfunny) Craig Ferguson on CBS’s The Late Late Show.

So, we have:

  • Jimmy Fallon: white (40-ish)
  • David Letterman: white (60-ish)
  • Seth Meyers: white (40-ish)
  • Jimmy Kimmel: white (40-ish)
  • Carson Daly: white (40-ish)
  • Conan O’Brien: white (40-ish)
  • John Oliver: white (40-ish)
  • Stephen Colbert: white (50-ish)

… and now James Corden (white, 40-ish) is replacing Craig Ferguson (white, 50-ish.)

Where is the diversity?

By Hollywood’s own definitions of racism, it appears Hollywood is just as ‘racist’ as flyover America.

Let’s get some Sharpton-esque protestin’ over there!

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