AJC vs. Trevor Noah

The American Jewish Committee (“Global Jewish Advocacy”) wants Trevor Noah yanked as the next Daily Show host.

The AJC was fine with Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz as host, oddly enough (ahem), but with Noah… nah, not so much:

[T]he American Jewish Congress has released a petition that labels the South African comedian a “sexist anti-Semite” and calls on Jon Stewart to rescind his contract…

“How can one of the world’s most admired Jewish comedians leave his legacy to a sexist anti-Semite?” AJC president Jack Rosen wrote in an email to supporters this week. “Do sexist, anti-Semitic jokes really represent the comedy institution that Jon Stewart has spent the last decade building? Is this crude humor something that fans of the Daily Show will be receptive to? We don’t think so. That’s why we’re calling on Jon Stewart: Rescind Trevor Noah’s Daily Show contract.”

C’mon, Jon!

Get with the cause!

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