Alternative News Sources – Pt. 23,192

The MSM writes “Thanks to Trump, fringe news enters the mainstream“.

Well, here is an example of why:

Authorities have discovered images of ISIS flags and severed heads on the cellphones of hundreds of asylum seekers crossing into Norway, highlighting concerns about terrorists exploiting the migrant crisis to infiltrate jihadists into Europe.

Nettavisen reports that an “explosion” of refugees crossing into the country in recent months meant that the Police Immigration Service (PU) had to register the migrants quickly.

Meanwhile, in France:

Seventy workers at Paris airports suspected of being radical Islamists have had their security passes revoked since the deadly attacks in the city a month ago.

Security agents have also examined the contents of around 4,000 workers’ lockers at Charles de Gaulle and Orly as the airports authority attempts to weed out any potential terrorists working at the busy transport hubs.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., given that we now know this

Tashfeen Malik, who along with her husband killed 14 people in Southern California, reportedly passed three background checks by American officials before she moved from Pakistan to the United States and none of them found her social media posts about jihad.

The New York Times reports U.S. law enforcement officials discovered old and previously unreported postings as they investigated Malik and her husband Syed Rizwan Farook. Immigration officials don’t usually check social media posts as part of their background checks, according to the newspaper.

… We learn of one of The Organizer’s pre-existing strategies:Obama_Mussolini

A secret U.S. policy that prohibits immigration officials from reviewing the social media messages of foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas was reportedly kept in place over fears of a civil liberties backlash and “bad public relations.”

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson refused in early 2014 to end the policy, even though several other officials in the organization pressed for such a policy change, ABC News reported Monday.

TRANSLATION: This White House, beholden to Political Correctness, secretly granted privacy protections to non-citizens applying for immigration status (individuals who the U.S. Constitution affords zero protections) out of P.C. concerns.


14 people — real individuals, who could’ve been someone you love, whose lives have been violently cut short — are dead.

Calculate the chain of causality here.

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