Anecdote: Millennials on Isis

Yesterday, I talked a Millennial ‘jellyfish’ (i.e., someone who doesn’t follow politics) about the Paris and San Bernardino attacks.

Long story short: they are afraid.trump_wiggle

Whether it’s deferring a shopping/tourist trip to NYC, their sense of vulnerability is heightened.

“Six months ago, I thought Trump was an idiot,” this Millenial said, “but today he’s the only person telling the truth.”

With this in mind, ruminate on David Corn’s recent left-wing frets:

On Sunday night, President Barack Obama gave a speech on terrorism that the New York Times cast as an effort “to calm jittery Americans after the terrorist attack last week” in San Bernardino, California. But can Obama accomplish that mission? That is, can any president, with words, ease public anxiety over this sort of act? And, perhaps more important, how much can any president do to prevent a repeat of that horror?…

In short, many Americans are wigged out about terrorism, particularly Republicans…

This year, law enforcement authorities have arrested almost 60 people in the United States for ISIS-related offenses. (That’s the largest number of annual terrorism-related arrests since September 2001.) So perhaps other San Bernadino-like or Paris-ish attacks have been averted. Nevertheless, no intensified vigilance will yield a 100 percent guarantee that a single self-radicalized extremist or a small cell working and communicating with no one else won’t enter a shopping mall and start mowing down people in the name of ISIS.

So what’s Obama to do?

Leaving office would be the optimal step.

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