BBC Discovers Gap

From a BBC internal review:

The BBC did not accurately reflect the public’s growing concern about immigration because of a “deep liberal bias”, an official review has found.

The report, commissioned by the BBC Trust, found the broadcaster had been “slow” to catch up with public opinion on immigration and leaving the European Union.

Stuart Prebble, a former ITV television executive, said the BBC had probably been too swayed by the views of politicians, who were also reluctant to discuss immigration for fear of causing offence.

In other words, there is a growing gap between what regular Brits (i.e., whites) believe about immigration, and what the insular, media-cum-establishment-politics-mutant-machine believes about immigration.

There’s a similar ‘silent majority’ growing in the U.S. on the subject of immigration. Whites in America are developing a shared and solidifying view about immigration, but no one is speaking for them.

Not the Republican Party.

Certainly not the Democrat Party.

And definitely not the Culture Industry.

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