Beautiful Gestures

Oswald Spengler once wrote that “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.” Ala Nietzsche, one begins to see how the Catholic Church is, and has long been, essentially, an enemy of white ethnonationalism. From the Rock Star Pope:

Pope Francis told a group of reporters Monday that he doesn’t plan to travel to Mexico this year.

But next time he does visit, the pope raised the possibility of walking across the U.S.-Mexico border to show support for immigrants, according to a report from Spanish newswire EFE.

“To enter the United States from the border with Mexico would be a beautiful gesture of brotherhood and support for immigrants,” Francis told reporters aboard the papal airplane returning to Rome from the Philippines. …

Pope Francis has repeatedly expressed his sympathy for immigrants, whether referring to Mexicans or Central Americans traveling to the United States, or Africans traveling to Europe.

During a border crisis over the summer in which more than 60,000 unaccompanied minors crossed illegally into the United States, nearly all from Central America, Pope Francis urged the U.S. to welcome the child migrants.

Is Catholicism, and the wider historical phenomenon of Christianity itself, an enemy or potential ally to white ethnonationalisms?

This has been part of a longer, older debate.

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