BookTV: Mark Levin

Two things that stood out of me in the BookTV interview with Mark Levin yesterday on C-SPAN. (I caught only an hour of it).

1) In the interview, Levin asserts — without caveats — that Christianity (particularly) Protestants — are under attack in the U.S. today. He cited as historical fact that the U.S. was founded by Protestants, that America is very much a Christian nation, before concluding “…. and I say that as a Jew.” Levin scores major points in my book with that view.

2) The interviewer took phone calls and email questions for Levin. One was an email from someone (a white guy in his 30s) that I worked with for about 2 years, up until he left the company about a year ago. The nature of his question demonstrated his conservative bona fides.

Little did I know he was a conservative. Presumably he didn’t know I was either. We worked in the same dept for 2 years and we never knew that the other was a conservative.

In the workplace, white males with a conservative perspective flirt with employment suicide if they discuss their viewpoints. One risks ‘offending’ someone, particularly non-whites or liberal women. And, if an HR complaint, giant Company X has to come down on the side of a black lesbian vs. a conservative, heterosexual, white guy…. well, take a wild guess who’s side their gonna take.

As conservative white guys in corporate America, we are forced to stay ‘in the closet.’

And so it comes to pass that one conservative white guy works alongside another, and never even knows it… for years.

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