Seth MacFarlane is a mystery to me.

How could someone so unfunny and unoriginal become so huge and successful?

Now, I’m a fan of good comedy. Over the years it’s been The Simpsons; Seinfeld; Arrested Development; The Office (BBC); 30 Rock; etc.

However, I can honestly say that, over the years, I think I’ve seen perhaps 3 episodes of Family Guy, and I don’t believe I ever laughed once during all 3 episodes.

Not once.

The characters are blatant rip-offs of more inspired fare. You can see the punch lines from a mile away.

And now we get to look forward to this:

[Fox] announced Friday that it has ordered to series Bordertown, a new animated comedy from the creator of Family Guy.

Bordertown hails from MacFarlane and Family Guy producer Mark Hentemann and will debut during the 2014-15 season. The comedy takes place in a fictional desert town in Texas and centers on Bud Buckwald — a married father of three who serves as a border patrol agent who isn’t adjusting well to the cultural changes around him. It takes a satirical look at America’s cultural shifts through the evolving relationships between Bud’s family and that of his next-door neighbor Ernesto Gonzales, a Mexican immigrant and father of four.

Ooh! How cutting edge!

Hmmm, I wonder if Bud Buckwald will be portrayed as an idiotic, jingoistic, Archie-Bunker type (just like the patriarch of every other Seth McFarlane show premise, or for that matter, virtually every comic depiction of straight white fathers in American sitcoms?)

I can hardly wait to find out!

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