Bouhlel, the Troubled Loner

So the ‘troubled loner’ had other people helping him with the slaughter.

NICE, France — French authorities on Sunday arrested two more suspects, a man and a woman, potentially linked to the man who rammed a truck into crowds, killing 84 people in this French Riviera city, as investigators sought to determine the man’s path to radicalization and whether he acted alone.

If you don’t count the estranged wife, you now have 6 suspects the police believe may have been involved.

Meanwhile, French authorities released new details to local media of the last moments before the attack, suggesting Bouhlel might had accomplices. The attacker, they said, had sent a text message to someone — believed to be among those currently held for questioning — saying, “Bring more weapons.”

The message was sent at 10:27 p.m., roughly a half-hour before the attack on the iconic Promenade Des Anglais, where tens of thousands were gathered to watch a Bastille Day fireworks display. The phone, police said, was found inside Bouhlel’s rented 19-ton refrigerator truck after he mowed down people for more than a mile and was subsequently killed in a shootout.

It’s clearly either a ‘lone wolf’, or the easy access to ‘guns’ (or in this case a ‘truck’), but never…. never… a religious ideology.

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