Law & Justice in Poland

In Eastern Europe, they don’t f*ck around. They apparently have no tradition of Political Correctness rotting their cultures from the inside out.

Poland’s Interior Minster Mariusz Blaszczak is one such example:

He said: ‘We must reject political correctness and call things by their true names. Rather than shedding tears like Mogherini and … organising marches that solve nothing, authorities should ensure the safety of citizens.’

In an interview on Polsat News, he said the attack in Nice is the consequence of many years of ‘multi-cultural policies and political correctness. This is how it ends.’

He added: ‘We don’t have such problems. We don’t have districts where law other than Polish law reigns. We don’t have no-go zones for police.’

He also praised his party, Law and Justice, for standing firm against accepting migrants.

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