Brazile on ‘Weaponized’ Emails of Misinformation

Disgrace former CNN pundit (and current DNC head!) Donna Brazile appeared on ABC’s This Week with teary-eyed Martha Radditz. (Can it get more incestuously ‘fake newsy’ than this?).

[Brazile] briefly dismissed the controversy about emails showing her sending a town hall question to the Clinton campaign––saying it was all just “allegations from stolen hacked emails” (allegations that led to CNN formally severing ties with her)––and said the emails were “weaponized to sow misinformation and to sow discord between the Clinton and Sanders camps.”

I love the ‘weaponized’ term the MSM has been throwing around for the past week. Suddenly, and to a remarkably simultaneous degree, the MSM starts describing hacked emails as ‘weaponized’. How remarkable!

Those English majors (who then went on to journalism school) are so creative!

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