The Feds arrest what sounds to be a young white male on terrorism charges:

MINNEAPOLIS — FBI officials said Monday they foiled a terrorist attack being planned in a small western Minnesota town, but they offered no details about the exact targets of the attack — or the motive of the man accused of having a cache of explosives and weapons in a mobile home.

The FBI said “the lives of several local residents were potentially saved” with the arrest of Buford Rogers, 24, who made his first appearance Monday in U.S. District Court in St. Paul on one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Rogers, of Montevideo, was arrested Friday after authorities searched a mobile home he’s associated with and found Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs and firearms, according to a court affidavit…

Montevideo Police Chief Adam Christopher said a homemade sign in front of the mobile home that bore the letters “BSM” refers to a local anti-government militia group called the Black Snake Militia, which the Rogers family started.

And of course the media goes to the ‘experts’ on ‘hate groups’, the wonderful folks of the ADL (what, the SPLC wasn’t available?), to fill us in on BSM:

Mark Pitcavage, who researches militias for the Anti-Defamation League, said the Black Snake Militia is part of a movement that has slowly grown from about 50 active groups around the U.S. a few years ago to more than 260 small groups today.

Pitcavage said there are “a whole lot of little militia cells out there with 6-8 people in there, which is what this seems to be. … It’s teeny tiny, it’s probably a group of like-minded friends who believe some of the same things.”

A quick Google search pulled up a page for the “Viper Black Snake Militia” (aka the “Southern Brotherhood Militia”), whose “Our Beliefs!” page reads in full (complete with mispelled words and all):

We oppose the United Nations , NATO and the Powers-That-Be, we are against the Federal Secular Humanists that run our Anti-Christian / Anti-God Government.  We oppose Abortionists, CFR, the International Bankers ( Banks ) and Corporations. We oppose all meddling beauracratic entities.

We are anti-conformists and believe people should show absolute respect for the diverse differences in beliefs, ideas and character of others.

Our foremost objective is to establish a Theocracy .

We employ a social tribal order, to maintain our laws and see to the social welfare of our people.

Our purpose is to stand against all evil and utterly destroy the perpetrators of evil.

So, now we can look forward to the MSM tying Rogers (who has a 2011 felony conviction for burglary) to the Tea Party, race realism groups, and the like.


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