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Cartel Torture & Murder Tactics

Here’s a (relatively tame) article on Cartel violence. Decapitations by chainsaw? Check. Peeling off someone’s face and stitching it onto a soccer ball? Check. Slowly boiling people alive? Check. Feeding people to hungry lions? Check. There’s beheading by chainsaw – a … Continue reading

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Randy Weaver: 2018 Interview

Fascinating interview earlier this year with Randy Weaver (of the Ruby Ridge incident). It’s not pro-shot, and it’s a shame there has been no professional interview done with Weaver. It helps to brush up on the incident ahead of time, … Continue reading

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On The South & Intolerance

From Stark & Bainbridge’s The Future of Religion (1985), a seminal book in sociology of religion: The South is overwhelmingly Protestant, and southern Protestantism is so overwhelmingly Baptist and Methodist that southerners have had little need to accommodate even many … Continue reading

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St. Lincoln

In a saccharine piece in First Things (“Nuanced Patriotism”), Allen C. Guelzo waxes romantic over Lincoln and how his mystical legacy magically argues against tribalism, ethnonationalism, etc: American conservatives never adopted a blood-and-soil mentality the way German, Italian, and French … Continue reading

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Publius Exitus

Publius is leaving for a Hillsdale College gig (one hopes it is the primary reason). Nonetheless, the proximity of these two sentences to each other is most unnerving: “National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton is leaving the Trump administration, the … Continue reading

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NYC: When the Parasites Become the Majority

In “Everything You Love Will Be Eaten Alive”, Nathan Robinson discusses Jeremiah Ross’ book Vanishing New York: How A Great City Lost Its Soul: Essentially, New York City used to be a gruff, teeming haven for weirdos and ethnic minorities. … Continue reading

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Child Worship

It is truly remarkable how the bastions of progressivism are treating these FL high school kids like supreme arbiters of public policy and constitutional interpretation (and only because they lean liberal rather than conservative.) It is quite normal for kids … Continue reading

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Reuters/Ipsos Poll: White Consciousness is Coalescing in the U.S.

Larry Sabato is rather alarmed at the results of a new Reuters/Ipsos poll (with a good sample size of 5,360). The poll’s full results and methodology are available here, with crosstabs available here. Sabato writes: A new Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in conjunction … Continue reading

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Kehinde Wiley’s Favored Symbols

Kehinde Wiley, the flamboyantly gay, Afrocentric ‘artist’ who delivered the hilariously awful Obama portrait, inserts sperm imagery into his paintings. See the right side of Obama’s temple, in what looks like a vein. From a Quartz piece on another Wiley painting: … Continue reading

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The Portraits

The Obamas naturally picked black artists to do their official portraits, and the quality reflects that. In his portrait, painted by the Afrocentric Kehinde Wiley, Obama looks like he is taking a dump behind some bushes or, to put a … Continue reading

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