Cartel Torture & Murder Tactics

Here’s a (relatively tame) article on Cartel violence.

Decapitations by chainsaw? Check.

Peeling off someone’s face and stitching it onto a soccer ball? Check.

Slowly boiling people alive? Check.

Feeding people to hungry lions? Check.

There’s beheading by chainsaw – a rumored favored method of Guzmán, who is said to feature in a 2010 video doing exactly that to murder victim Hugo Hernandez. Even worse, Hernandez’s face was reportedly peeled off after he was killed, and stitched on a football.

Then there is the practice of putting people in drums and either boiling them or setting them on fire, or feeding humans to exotic animals like lions and tigers.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost suspect these (predominately) mestizos have Aztec blood flowing through their veins. 

In addition to a proclivity for violence that rivals Africa, these low-IQ mestizo Indians have novel ways of expressing their creativity:

Fruth said the cartel’s horrific tactics include the injection of adrenaline and other substances that affect the central nervous system of its victims, “which kept them awake to enhance the responses of pain receptors during slow, prolonged torture.”These tactics are used on women and children, Fruth said, including”family members or rivals or snitches, to elicit information and sow fear. These cartels have a history of sexually assaulting the family members of their target, and forcing the target to observe.”

Thankfully, this sort of primitive, animalistic violence stays south of the border and is most definitely not working its way into the U.S.:

Caine recalled seeing warehouses in Brooklyn loaded with drugs and money, in which the enforced dress code for women was being naked, while mixing bags of crack cocaine on behalf of the cartels. The women would then endure humiliating body searches before leaving,to ensure no product had been pilfered…

And while the vast majority of the barbarity takes place south of the U.S. border, American soil is far from immune. Authorities refer to this as “overflow” violence.

In June, the body of 49-year-old Alabama grandmother Oralia Mendoza and her 13-year-old granddaughter Mariah Lopez, a middle-school student with special needs, were viciously slain – the alleged result of being caught up in Sinaloa cartel violence.

The above simply cannot be true, as the TV keeps telling me we don’t have a border crisis. Neither can the following obvious lie, which implies we have an unprotected and porous border:

”Assassinations are generally carried out by sicarios – professional hitmen,” said Fruth. ”But I surmise it is not uncommon for junior members to be de-sensitized to the violence by showing their loyalty through an initiation that requires the performance of an execution.”

And it’s a threat seemingly not limited by geography.

”The cartels have hit men who will travel anywhere or anytime to take care of their dirty murderous business,”Maltz added. ”The Mexican cartels like Sinaloa should be designated as foreign terrorist organizations and we should apply way more pressure to stop the madness around the world.”

Bottom Line: The clear lesson from all this is that the building of a border wall, as Nancy Pelosi mentioned the other day, would be “immoral”.

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