Child Worship

It is truly remarkable how the bastions of progressivism are treating these FL high school kids like supreme arbiters of public policy and constitutional interpretation (and only because they lean liberal rather than conservative.)

It is quite normal for kids of this age to be what we’d call ‘liberal’, this position largely borne of them being at an emotionally-charged age, and having very limited life experience, as well as being (through no fault of their own) generally naive about the ways of the world.

What is most curious, however, is how their helicopter parents, and MSM enablers, are vicariously living their progressive activist yearnings through their children. They are, in effect, leveraging the collective emotions associated with a child’s pain towards their pre-existing domestic agenda. Gun laws must change not through rational argumentation and debate, but because… “the children say so.”

There is something quite perverse about this whole thing. It’s like a cult or some ancient religion that worships a subset of children, imagining them to possess divinely ordained and pure wisdom from the Heavens.

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