Cartel Assassin Repatriated to Good Ole USA

In the indispensable VDARE, Brenda Walker reports a story you’re not likely to see on CNN:

A big story in San Antonio is that a US-born Mexican cartel hit-kid has been deported from a Mexico prison to live in that city. Arrested when he was 14, little Edgar Jimenez Lugo is now 17 and has served his paltry three-year sentence in permissive Mexico for murdering at least four.

What could possibly go wrong? After all, a 2010 headline observed, “Mexico: U.S. teen specialized in beheadings.”

Legally, Lugo has paid his debt to (Mexican) society, but what about the safety of American citizens in Texas?..

The good news for Lugo is that he will likely feel right at home in San Antonio. The Census reports that the city is 63.2 percent Hispanic as of 2010 and 46.1 percent speak a language other than English at home — hmm, what language might that be?

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