Jewish Wealth Promotes Immigration Insanity in UK & US

Now here is the type of political debate I wish was imaginable in the mainstream. In VDARE, John Derbyshire writes:

Someday historians will find an explanation for the gibbering insanity of British immigration policy this past fifty years. I have none. (John Derbyshire Finds There’s Still An England — And It Could Yet Be Saved, VDare, 14th November 2013)

… To which, in The Occidental Observer, Tobias Langdon responds. When native white Brits are continuously told (by Jewish politicos) that Britain is a “nation of immigrants”, etc., Langdon poses the following question:

Do politicians who receive lavish funding from rich Jews adopt policies that displease rich Jews?

He then describes some of the fascinating background, involving Jewish financing, of Tony Blair’s rise to political power. Of the parallels with American politics:

This is strongly reminiscent of the United States, where the leaders of the Republican party seem to despise ordinary Republicans and their views in the same way. And guess what: rich Jews are also funding both sides of American politics. The billionaire George Soros and his ilk fund the Democrats and the billionaire Sheldon Adelson and the rest of the Republican Jewish Coalition fund the Republicans. Adelson is an ardent Zionist just like Lord Levy. He wants an amnesty for illegal immigrants in America. But takes an entirely different line for Israel:

There is no question about Adelson’s support for the most racialist and nationalist elements in Israel. Adelson owns an Israeli newspaper that supports PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard right Likud government. And there can be little question of where his loyalties lie. He has stated that he wishes he would have served in the Israeli military rather than in the US Army, and that he wants his son to grow up to “be a sniper for the IDF [Israeli Defense Force].” (“Sheldon Adelson: Israel and Immigration)

Adelson backs sanity for Israel but “gibbering insanity” for America, which he wants to see flooded by non-Whites. The Republican hierarchy copies Adelson’s views as eagerly as it accepts his money.

This should go some way to enlightening Mr. Derbyshire on a critical force on behalf of immigration insanity in the UK and the US and immigration sanity in Israel. Quite simply, immigration policy cannot be understood without comprehending how Jewish wealth and power flexibly advance Jewish interests in the Diaspora while favouring completely different policies in Israel.

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