CNN: The Great Conditioning™ Edition

In a continuation of the Great Conditioning™ media assault, CNN has a piece titled “Brussels’ mood: ‘We know these things can happen, but we must go on‘”. They talk to exactly two people:

“You can feel the fear on the streets today,” said Souheil, 21, who was taking the train Wednesday morning to his internship at the European Commission, near where the explosion at the Maelbeek metro station detonated Tuesday. “But you can also see that people want to fight it. It’s a good thing.”

And Sarah, who is 20, sounded a similar note as she headed to school — as usual — in west Brussels on Wednesday.

“We know these things can happen,” she said, “but we must go on.”

Both commuters declined to give their last names.

So, CNN gauges the ‘mood’ of Brussels by talking to (based on the accompanying pictures) exactly two millennials: one an Arab and the other a 20 year old white chick.

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