Company Fires Employee For Saying Donald Sterling Has A Right To Free Speech

More proof that political correctness may only strengthen (aka Jason Richwine; Paula Dean; etc.) in the years to come, not weaken. (Hat tip: AmRen)

The employee’s offense?

A Twitter post, which read in full: “Here’s an unpopular opinion: Donald Sterling has the right as an American to be an old bigot in the security of his own home. He’s a victim.”

The employee, Josh Olin, expanded on his tweet as follows:

“When you were raised in an era where segregation was perceived as ‘right’, that will stick with some people,” Olin later said. “Doesn’t make him a monster.”

Olin later clarified that he believed Sterling was a victim because of “illegal wiretapping resulting in a MASSIVE, life altering breach in privacy.” Today, Olin tweeted he was “expressly not defending [Sterling’s] remarks or actions.”

Olin further writes:

“Anyone who follows me knows my tweets were not in support of Sterling’s actions. Rather, they were promoting three core tenets I believe in: 1) The harm sensational media presents to society. 2) The importance and sanctity of your privacy within your own home. And 3) The right to be whatever you want to be as an American, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. That last point not to be confused with condoning Sterling’s actions, which I don’t.

“That said, it’s disappointing to see that a select few in Turtle Rock and 2K Games management bought into this hysteria without even having a conversation with me – or even thoroughly reviewing the context of the tweets themselves. Ironically, it serves as a great example of why I hold tenet #1 above so close to heart.

Absolutely chilling.

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