Cook: Democrats Paved the Way for Their Own Decline

Yet another mainstream piece on the Dems’ overt policy to say ‘F*ck You’ to whites, this one from Charlie Cook in National Journal (“Democrats Paved the Way for Their Own Decline“).

While the MSM is fixated on a relatively smaller ‘civil war’ within the GOP, the much larger fissions within the Democratic Party are ignored:

But considerably less is being said about a parallel problem that Democrats are facing. Although the national red-blue maps of the partisan makeup of the House, the governorships, and, somewhat less so, the Senate are misleading in that they equate population with land area, the maps do illustrate where Democrats are strong and where they are not (interesting factoid: Only 14 percent of the land area in the U.S. is represented by a Democrat in the House). Increasingly, Democratic strength is concentrated primarily in urban areas and college towns, among minorities, and in narrow bands along the West Coast (but only the first 50-100 miles from the beaches) and the East Coast (but only from New York City northward). The South and the Border South, as well as small-town and rural America, are rapidly becoming no-fly zones for Democrats. Few Democrats represent small-town and rural areas, and the party is find it increasingly difficult to attract noncollege-educated white voters.

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