GOP Blows It: Pt. 512

Me? I’ve had just a smidgen-above-zero faith in the GOP to vindicate it’s recent wins and articulate what is a massively growing silent majority within white America. (“Go Jeb Bush!”)

Further evidence of why (and how) the GOP will blow the wins they just made in the mid-terms.

Senate Republicans had no appetite for discussing how to thwart President Obama’s executive orders on immigration during the conference’s weekly lunch, according to sources familiar with the meeting.

Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah) and Senator David Vitter (R., La.) tried to broach the topic, but they were ignored, according to the first source.

“At different times, Lee and Vitter stood up and tried to begin a discussion about what the plan was and asked leadership about what their strategy was to deal with the spending bill and respond to Obama executive amnesty, and the reply was always an effort to try to change the subject to the ozone rule from the EPA or some other issue, and it was just bizarre,” said a second source in corroboration of that account.

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