Dark Enlightenment Made Simple

Anarcho Papist has a pithy list of tenets held by ‘neoreactionism’ (aka Dark Enlightenment / Race Realist types). While I don’t necessarily endorse each and every item, it’s a great starting point for debate.

  • Libertarians who have given up on democracy, because democracy gave up on them.
  • Conservatives who got tired of losing.
  • Conservatives who hate the Republican party more than the Democratic party.
  • Race realists who want to be left alone rather than have any notions of “racial equality” or “diversity” imposed on them or anyone else.
  • Anarcho-capitalists who can see a use for the state in a society that isn’t smart enough to handle anarcho-capitalism.
  • Monarchists who understand votes are bullets in a low intensity civil war.
  • Social theorists who want to make human nature a feature, not a bug, in the system.
  • Men who see that feminism makes us work against our biological programming which makes us miserable.
  • Christians who want your progressive religion out of their homes, schools, and businesses.

AP adds the following list of corollaries:

  1. Civilization does not happen by accident.
  2. Expect consequences, some which you won’t like, when you mess with the way things have always been done.
  3. If something’s always been done a certain way, you’re better trying to figure out a reason why such a norm is stabilizing.
  4. The existence and concentration of power cannot be eliminated; don’t waste your time trying to do so.
  5. High degrees of power asymmetry tend to be stable.
  6. Individuals must be socialized into their autonomy and independence.
  7. Freedom imposes responsibilities, and the inability to exercise those responsibilities should entail a limiting of that freedom.
  8. The innate qualities of human individuals explains a lot about society.
  9. It is better to benefit the group than the individuals of that group.
  10. Social structures instrumentally transform human nature into social capital.
  11. Don’t fight human nature, make it work for you.
  12. Justice is equality, and no one is the same.
  13. There are no “rights,” only what you’re afforded by society.
  14. If you won’t let someone lose, you won’t let society win.
  15. Social roles should be adopted for the benefit of most, not eliminated for the benefit of a few.
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