Der Trumpenfuhrer – Pt. 41,392

From the now countless instances of Trump Anxiety types comparing Trump with Hitler comes Bethany Mandel, writing an entire piece in The Forward (a Jewish magazine) titled “Donald Trump Is Practically Begging for Hitler Comparison With This Salute“, due to another Jew tweeting this photo:

At a FL rally this weekend, Trump apparently asked attendees to raise their right hands and pledge to vote for him in the upcoming FL primary. (Mandel thankfully admits that The Organizer did the same thing a few years back, so it’s not the substance of the gesture she is objecting to.)

Photos of the rally went viral, with attendees holding their right arms high in the air to salute the businessman. They were not held at a 90-degree angle with bent elbows, as one would expect someone to do while being sworn in, with their left hand on a Bible. Instead, they were held at a 45-degree angle, straight in the air. It looked disturbingly familiar to anyone who’s cracked a book on World War II history….

45 degrees. Does anyone have a protractor?

Trump was guilty of one of two possible offenses by asking attendees to raise their arms in allegiance: he is either ignorant of basic world history or the former reality star is trying to make headlines. By this point his entire campaign should have been on eggshells, avoiding further possible connections between their candidate and Hitler. Trump either doesn’t care about the Holocaust, or he doesn’t know much about it. Neither is acceptable in a future President of the United States.

No, there’s a third alternative: Trump doesn’t give a sh*t about your easily offended P.C. sensibilities when it comes to an audience raising it’s f-ng hands in a pledge.

Trump fans have claimed it’s disrespectful to the memories of those who perished during the Holocaust to equate the two men and the rallies they held. It would be even more disrespectful to their memories to ignore the lessons about warning signs we learned in the 1930s, lest we repeat the same tragic history.

“… Lest we repeat”.

It’s always about The Holocaust™, isn’t it.

So, the next time you see your friend in a crowded mall and wave to get their attention, or the next time you raise your hand to get a waiter’s attention, make sure your form is impeccable. Carry a protractor with you. Practice in the mirror. Make sure you get it right.

I spit soda on my screen when I read at the end of the piece:

“Bethany Mandel writes on politics and culture, usually from a conservative perspective.”

‘Conservative’ is a relative term, I suppose.

Oi, vey!

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