Devine: The Challenge of the Alt-Right

Philip Devine, a professor at Providence College, discusses “The challenge of the alt-right”:

[The Alt Right] rejects liberalism root and branch, including the sorts of liberalism Americans call conservative. Its unabashed tribalism is a response to the failings of both the conventional left and the conventional right, and can only be fought if we are prepared to acknowledge and address these failings.

The alt-right, though strongly anti-Christian, is in its own way traditionalist: it wants a way of life that it unfortunately defines in terms of racial identity to go on…

The white poor and near-poor must no longer suffer from their exclusion from the official list of oppressed minorities, We must be prepared to brave charges of white tribalism to give them a hearing, though no more than any other group should they get everything they demand.

Devine is not supportive of the Alt Right, but it’s nice to see rational debate like this instead of the steady stream of histrionics we routinely see from academia.

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