NYT: Stop Apologizing for Being Elite

Susan Jacoby has a column in the NYT actually called “Stop Apologizing for Being Elite”. I am continually awestruck at how tone deaf the NYT can be. When is the last time you’ve seen or heard any member of the elite apologize for their elite status?

I am referring to the endless self-flagellation among well-educated liberals — “the elites,” in pejorative parlance — about their failure to “get” the concerns of white working-class voters.


The piece is loaded with out of touch (dare I say: elitist) gems, such as this one:

Second, educators must help turn students into educated voters. Too many schools fail to provide students with tools of logic that would enable them to assess the quality of information they absorb from every screen. All schools, for example, should have a curriculum that teaches children how to evaluate online information. Most recently, we have seen the results of this type of education in the forceful, logical responses of student survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Yes, that’s right. The Skinhead Lesbian & The Camera Hogg are logicians now! Who knew that Soros and Planned Parenthood were actually funding the Philosophy of Logic?

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