DNC: Cisgender White Males Need Not Apply

I suppose this is a symbolic microcosm of where the Democratic Party is today: hostile to straight white men.

White men need not apply.

That’s the message out of the Democratic National Committee’s hiring team, currently on the hunt to filll multiple vacancies in their tech department.

The political organization, which routinely makes grand statements about inclusion, recently sent an email to its employees looking to recruit people for eight open spots including IT Systems Administrator, Product Manager and Chief Security Officer.

Though the Oct. 30 email says that the DNC is looking for a “staff of diverse voices and life experiences,” it apparently doesn’t mean white men.

DNC’s Data Service Manager Madeleine Leader purportedly wrote in an email that the desire for diversity excludes “cisgender straight white males.”

Leader adds, “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, as they are already in the majority.”

It’s also amazing that the new, Coalition-of-the-Fringes word “cisgender” is now being used in a non-academic employment setting.

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