Donald Trump as Zionist

In “Donald Trump as Zionist”, Kevin MacDonald discusses Trump’s recent pro-Israel pronouncements.

Should this position disturb those of us on the Alt Right who see Trump as a president who would carve out an America First foreign policy, turn back the immigration onslaught, and fashion a nationalist trade policy? I think not, for the following reasons.

It’s my opinion that Trump’s support for Jewish nationalism in Israel is a ‘rational’ position borne of empathy for the reality on the ground in Israel. As such, supporting this position has the externality of indirectly building a stronger argument for a similar, Christian (aka White) nationalism here in the U.S.

KMac points out Trump’s close associations with Jews in his decades of NYC real estate dealings:

… I suggest that Trump’s sympathy for Jews and Jewish concerns is real, but that he is well aware of Jewish power and the need to use Jewish power and their personal abilities to his advantage. An article in the Jerusalem Post by Michael Wilner from September adds considerable detail to Trump’s very long history of Jewish ties.

… and then sees a parallel with Geert Wilders:

I suggest that Trump is going to take a course much like that of Geert Wilders and other European nationalist politicians. In fact, Wilders, who was recently convicted of “insulting an ethnic group and inciting discrimination” for asking an audience if there should be fewer Muslims in the Netherlands, strongly condemned the resolution, writing on his Facebook page, “”Obama betrayed Israel. Thank God for Trump. My advise to my Israeli friends: ignore the UN and keep building more and more settlements.”

In other words, Wilders, like Trump, has carved out a position that favors Likud-like positions on Israel while at the same time is opposed to further Muslim colonization of the West. Trump has not backed down from his statements that he will attempt to have a moratorium on immigration from terrorism-producing countries (i.e., Muslim countries) and will not accept refugees from these countries without “extreme vetting” (which I take to mean such refugees would not be admitted to the U.S., since it is not possible to properly vet people from Third World countries, which, for a variety of reasons, tend not to have adequate record-keeping…

Politics, after all, is the art of the possible. For us as advocates of a White America, our first priorities should be domestic policy — ending the immigration onslaught first and foremost. If doing that is made easier by supporting Israel, so be it.

When it comes to the prospects for a Trump presidency, there’s a blueprint for the Art of the Possible in Trump’s Art of the Deal.

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