Dreher Clucks, Then Cucks: Pt. 3,172

Rod Dreher rightly takes issue with the Texas State University student op-ed (that white DNA is an “Abomination”), but then concludes:

There is a sickness in this country. White supremacy is a sickness. The left-wing version of it — denouncing whites as a race, even calling for ethnic cleansing — is a sickness. Why won’t the left stand up to it? You folks on the left, including you in the mainstream media who ignore it or dismiss it, you are feeding the white nationalist/white supremacist right!

Why does Dreher keep lumping together white identitarianism, white nationalism, and the strawman of ‘white supremacy’? It is only whites (e.g., esp those of northern European ancestry) who have engaged in a post-1960s, unilateral disarmament of in-group preferences, the latter being something natural across the rest of humanity as well as the animal kingdom.

Dreher and his ilk have to get over their bogeyman approach to the ‘Alt Right’ phenom and see the much deeper issue. In the case of Dreher, he sometimes gets close to it, like a moth to a flame, but then instinctively retreats to a Civic Nationalist perspective that can only be described, charitably, as naive.

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