The Darkest Maudlin Hour

From A. Graham’s review of the new Churchill biopic Darkest Hour, which features Gary Oldman:

The film lapses into trite sentimentality with grating regularity. The most corny scene occurs toward the end when Churchill decides to ride the Tube instead of traveling by private car in a farcical display of faux populism. As his fellow passengers gaze at him in awe, Churchill humbly inquires of them what they think about the war and what they would think about making peace terms with Hitler. They collectively shout, “Fight!” and “Fight the fascists!” Churchill then begins quoting Thomas Babington Macaulay’s rousing Horatius from the Lays of Ancient Rome, and a black man beside him completes the stanza in his West Indian accent. Churchill is moved to tears and snivels into his handkerchief. Try not to vomit.

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