DWB: Chris Rock

Chris Rock Stopped by Police 3 Times So Far This Year — and He Has the Selfies to Prove It” is the click-bait headline by liberal Matt Wilstein (ahem):

Earlier this week, comedian Chris Rock was pulled over by police for the third time in less than two months. And just as he had done the previous two times, he snapped a quick selfie and posted it to Twitter while he waited for the cop to approach his window…

Rock has not elaborated on what, if anything, prompted the stops — aside from “driving while black” — and presumably they did not escalate any further, especially if the cops recognized who they had just pulled over. But by chronicling his experience, Rock has demonstrated that even the most famous and successful black men in America are more likely get pulled to the side of the road than your average white guy.

There is absolutely no mention by Rock of what sorts of traffic violations he was accused of.

I wonder why?

Nor whether, in all 3 instances, the cops were white, black, hispanic, etc.

I wonder why?

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