Jim Norton: “Trevor Noah Isn’t the Problem. You Are.”

Today’s JAPCAT episode surrounds Trevor Noah, the newly anointed host of The Daily Show. (Steve Sailer has a comprehensive post on it today.)

Jim Norton is a great comedian (whom I’ve seen live) and cultural conservative. Writing in Time, Norton discusses the recent, P.C., brouhaha surrounding Noah (“Trevor Noah Isn’t the Problem. You Are.“):

When Comedy Central named Trevor as Jon Stewart’s successor, our trusty, tireless brigade of social-justice warriors immediately went to work digging through his tweets and stand-up to find something, anything to be upset about. Much to their relief, Trevor didn’t disappoint. Being a working comedian, he’d made plenty of jokes over the years that a susceptible person could pick up, blow the dust off and aim at themselves to achieve martyrdom…

[Trevor] also neglected to take into account that Western culture as a whole has become an increasingly reactionary mob of self-centered narcissists who all have their own personal lines drawn in the sand. A comedian is fine unless he crosses their particular line, which, of course, in the mind of a self-centered narcissist, is the only line that matters.

Being outraged and upset and feeling bullied or offended are not only things we enjoy, they’re also things we have become thoroughly addicted to. When we can’t purposefully get our feelings hurt by a comedian, we usually find another, albeit less satisfying, source of indignation… [W]e are addicted to the rush of being offended, the idea of it, rather than believing we have become a nation of emasculated children whose only defense against an abyss of emotional agony is a trigger warning.

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