Electoral Map If Only Certain Demographics Voted

A Leftie put up this fascinating electoral map, which highlights racial aspects of Tuesday’s vote. The ongoing racialization of politics experienced a mega-injection of collective white identity politics on Tues, with the results being quintessential Sailer Strategy stuff. The numbers here, and the map optics of these numbers, are astonishing:

  • People of Colour: Clinton 538, Trump: 0
  • Women: Clinton 461, Trump: 71
  • College Educated Whites: Clinton 216, Trump: 322
  • White Women: Clinton 211, Trump: 327
  • White People: Clinton 169, Trump: 369
  • Men: Clinton 158, Trump: 350
  • Non-College educated Whites: Clinton 64, Trump: 474
  • White Men: Clinton 45, Trump: 493


There are many things one can infer from this data, namely, A) if the electorate was comprised of 1980 levels, Trump would have won in a landslide, and B) as America increasingly becomes non-white, it move the nation further leftward (into an increasingly radical Democratic Party platform.)

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