Emily Dickinson is Now a “Lesbian Feminist Hero”

How Molly Shannon Brought Emily Dickinson Out of the Closet as a ‘Lesbian Feminist Hero’” is the header to the Variety story:

South by Southwest isn’t typically associated with movies that have a literary pedigree. But the film festival scored a coup this year, by bringing Emily Dickinson all the way to Austin. In “Wild Nights With Emily,” Shannon plays the 19th century poet as the opposite of her pop-culture archetype of a lonely hermit.

Madeleine Olnek’s comedy offers a Dickinson who is a confident romantic. Between composing reams of poetry, she falls in love with her childhood best friend Susan (Susan Ziegler), only to have her true identity erased by a meddling acquaintance (Amy Seimetz), acting as her posthumous publisher.

It’s not really Molly Shannon who has brought Dickinson “out of the closet”; it’s Madeleine Olnek.

Why is it that ‘Globalists’ always have to invert sexual norms into every single thing they touch?

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