Rod Dreher’s Scatterbrain Approach

Rod Dreher’s scatterbrain approach to the Death of the West is something to behold. From his recent post about spending a week in the Czech Republic (“Finding Hope In Europe’s Most Atheist Country”), he gets together with some Czech Catholics:

We briefly discussed Jean Raspail’s prophetic 1970s novel The Camp of the Saints.Yes, we agreed, it was racist, and even fascist in parts. Deplorably so! But we also agreed that in diagnosing the utter fecklessness of Europe’s virtue-signaling elites in the face of a migratory invasion (“Let’s face it, we are under an invasion here,” my lunch partner said), Raspail was deadly accurate.

“Deplorably so!” Ugh. I could say the same about Dreher’s sentiment.

What can be done about it now? Well, there’s the matter of regaining control of the borders. I pointed out that it’s necessary to close the borders and guard them, but not remotely sufficient. Europe may succeed at keeping out the refugees, but unless the rock-bottom birth rate in European nations rebounds, it will be futile.

My interlocutor, an older man, said that he and his wife had had a large number of children, all adults now. Know how many grandchildren he has? Four. Only four children from a brood so large you would have associated it with rural Catholic farmers or old-fashioned shtetl Jews.

“My children say they don’t want to have children, that there’s no point in it,” he mused. “They say Europe is eventually going to be ruled by Muslims, so they just want to live out their lives, enjoying what they can.”

I’ve been thinking about that all week…

Yeah, I’ll bet you have. But then you’ll forget about it when you write your next rant against the dastardly ‘Alt Right’.

Here’s another gem:

In the US, we only face de-Christianization. In Europe, though, they face the prospect of Islamization and a broader de-Europeanization, as native European stock are replaced by migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

“It’s like the barbarian invasions all over again,” one man told me. And, he’s right.

“And, he’s right”? Umm… doesn’t that meet the criteria for earlier use of ‘deplorable’ above?

Dreher mentions a conversation with one Catholic:

If memory serves, it was he that night who told me that Europeans fail to understand that Christian faith is the only force within Europe strong enough to stand up to the domestic challenge of Islam.

It ain’t the only force strong enough, Rod.

Not by a long shot.

What a life Dreher has: He writes a book that, once the mask is stripped away, is a blue print for inaction and surrender. This then serves as a permanent sinecure, allowing him tour Europe endlessly, stuffing his face with swell food, beer and wine, while discussing the Muslim Invasion and paying homage to the self-immolating Jan Palach, which is the most we can expect for in terms of ‘action’ from Dreher-types.

It must be nice.

Meanwhile, the real warriors who are trying to save the (historically white) West live in relative poverty and obscurity.

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