General Election Rule #1

As the events of this weekend attest to, there is nothing that can happen (in the world) between now and November 7th that benefits Hillary.

In other words, can you think of anything likely to happen in the world between now and Nov 7 that benefits Hillary’s campaign?

What sort of world news events are likely to happen? Most would agree it would be:

  • A terrorist event on U.S. or Western European soil.
  • A terrorist event on U.S. or Western European soil involving a so-called ‘Syrian refugee’.
  • A BLM protagonist attacking or killing a police officer.
  • Police shoot an ‘unarmed black man’ and a BLM-inspired riot ensues.
  • An illegal immigrant attacking or killing a native U.S. citizen.
  • Further ISIS atrocities (e.g., beheadings of Christians, etc.)

On the contrary, social reality benefits Trump.

General Election Rule #1: Reality benefits Donald Trump.

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