Kristof: Muslim ‘Refugees’ = Jewish Refugees of WW2

One of the NYT’s more effeminate columnists (bested, perhaps, only by Frank Bruni and Charles Blow) is Nicholas Kristof.

His latest column in “Would You Hide a Jew From the Nazis?

Take a wild guess if Trump is referenced.


It truly is astonishing how much ‘Alt-Right = Holocaust’ rhetoric is being spewed by the MSM these days. It’s a collective psychosis unlike anything we’ve witnessed in the modern era, save the fantastical ‘Obama is the Messiah’ behavior they exhibited in ’08.

“There are parallels,” notes Artemis Joukowsky, a grandson of the Sharps who conceived of the film and worked on it with Burns. “The vitriol in public speech, the xenophobia, the accusing of Muslims of all of our problems — these are similar to the anti-Semitism of the 1930s and ’40s.”

Of course.

And we all know what that led to.

The Sharps’ story is a reminder that in the last great refugee crisis, in the 1930s and ’40s, the United States denied visas to most Jews. We feared the economic burden and worried that their ranks might include spies. It was the Nazis who committed genocide, but the U.S. and other countries also bear moral responsibility for refusing to help desperate people.

That’s a thought world leaders should reflect on as they gather in New York to discuss today’s refugee crisis — and they might find inspiration from those like the Sharps who saw the humanity in refugees and are today honored because of it.

Well, I for one didn’t know that U.S. officials (rationally) feared that German spies might be tucked away within hordes of Jewish immigrants.

The piece ends with an odd refrain of the ‘there might be spies among them’ theme:

“We must think of Sousa Mendes’s heroism in today’s context,” Jorge Helft, a Holocaust survivor who as a French boy received one of Sousa Mendes’s visas, told me. “I have dinners in Paris where people start saying we have to kick all these people out, there are dangerous people among them.” He paused and added, “I remember being on a ship to New York and hearing that some Americans didn’t want to let us in because there were Nazi spies among us.

“Yes, there might have been Nazi spies, but a tiny minority,” he said, just as there might be spies among Syrian refugees today, but again a tiny minority. “Ninety-five percent or more of these people are decent, and they are fleeing from death. So let’s not forget them.”

A Holocaust survivor concedes that bad apples were in their mix.

This is strange for a NYT leftie to put in his propaganda piece.

The rather big difference today: among the Muslim ‘refugees’ are not so much ‘spies’ as murderous terrorists.

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