Génération Identitaire Occupies Socialist Party Headquarters In Paris

Yet another Eurocentric, racially-conscious organization emerges in Europe, this time in France.

I had never heard of them but Génération Identitaire is an organization of young 20-somethings, a youth oriented offshoot of the Bloc Identitaire. (Hat tip: Mangan). While most of our 20-somethings are getting their news from The Daily Show, in France, the breaking point is quickly approaching, and kids appear to be starting to realize the end is near for them.

Génération Identitaire states they are “at war with the ’68-ers”, the counter-culture-cum-mainstream-culture that, in 40 short years, has decimated France’s fiscal structure, demographics, ethnic sense of identity, and foreseeable future.

Génération Identitaire is tired of the Islamization of their country.

Génération Identitaire is doubly-tired of being called racist whenever they express pride in their Frenchness.

Génération Identitaire is fighting against white genocide.

It will take some decades more, but we will eventually see similar such organizatons here in the U.S.

This video — of Génération Identitaire storming Socialist Party Headquarters in Paris — is a great piece of agitprop, a sign of things to come. Use Occupy-style tactics towards the cause.

Beautifully edited, wonderfully synthesized. The last 15 seconds… awesome:

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