Germany Now Expects 1.5 Million ‘Refugees’ in 2015 Alone

We’ve gone from an initial jaw-dropping estimate of 500,000 (in 2015 alone) to, now, numbers that will continue to grow and grow. From Reuters (hat tip: S. Sailer):

BERLIN (Reuters) – German authorities expect up to 1.5 million asylum seekers to arrive in Germany this year, the Bild daily said in a report to be published on Monday, up from a previous estimate of 800,000 to 1 million…

The authorities’ report also cited concerns that those who are granted asylum will bring their families over to Germany too, Bild said.

Given family structures in the Middle East, this would mean each individual from that region who is granted asylum bringing an average of four to eight family members over to Germany in due course, Bild quoted the report as saying.

So…. that translates into one year of immigration activity into Germany leading to a consequence of 6 million to 12 million new, vibrantly-diverse, Muslims brought into Germany.

Surely, this will finally assuage/compensate for/end that aging, 60+ Hitler Guilt™, right?

Meanwhile, the founder of PEGIDA is being charged with ‘hate crimes‘ (hat tip: AmRen):

Lutz Bachmann, founder of Pegida (“Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”) has been charged by state prosecutors in Dresden with incitement to racial hatred.

The charges by state prosecutors in Dresden go back to anti-immigration Facebook posts made by Bachmann in autumn 2014, which surfaced on the public internet in January.

Prosecutors say that by calling foreigners “livestock”, “junk”, and “scum”, the former public relations consultant had willingly risked causing disturbances of the peace.

Man, the German Psyche is really bent on self-destruction.

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