UK Minister: Not in a Thousand Years

From AP:

LONDON (AP) — Britain will never “in a thousand years” agree to a common European immigration policy to deal with the surging number of refugees fleeing to the continent, a top government official declared Tuesday.

Home Secretary Theresa May, the U.K.’s interior minister, told an audience at the Conservative Party conference that Britain should tighten control of its borders, admitting vulnerable refugees but keeping out those who simply want a better life.

She said other European countries should also toughen up their border controls, arguing that in the last few years more people had applied for asylum in the EU from Balkan countries – which have not seen war for years – than from war-torn Syria.

She said Europe’s immigration crisis “can only be resolved by nation states taking responsibility themselves – and protecting their own national borders.”

Might this signal the end of her career?

Especially, when, like over here on the other side of the pond, the Chamber of Commerce types target you as an enemy?:

A leading business-owners’ group, the Institute of Directors, criticized May’s “irresponsible” rhetoric.

“It is yet another example of the Home Secretary turning away the world’s best and brightest, putting internal party politics ahead of the country and helping our competitor economies instead of our own,” said its director-general, Simon Walker.

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